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Uganda International Oil & Gas Summit 2022 

24-25 September 2024

Ministry of Energy and Ministry of Finance

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Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, Republic of Uganda

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The Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development derives its mandate and functions from the 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda and other related subordinate laws, including; the Budget Act (2001), the Public Finance and Accountability Act (2003) and acts establishing agencies and auxiliary organisations.
Accordingly, the Ministry plays a pivotal role in the co-ordination of development planning; mobilisation of public resources; and ensuring effective accountability for the use of such resources for the benefit of all Ugandans.

The Ministry discharges this responsibility in the context of her Vision, Mission, mandate and Functions. 


A most effective and efficient Ministry capable of achieving the fastest rate of economic transformation.


To formulate sound economic policies, maximize revenue mobilization, ensure efficient allocation and accountability for public resources.


To mobilize financial resources, regulate their management and formulate policies that enhance overall economic stability and development.

Key objectives

i)  Maintain solid economic growth under a stable macro environment
ii) Enhance revenue collection to finance the budget towards 25% of the GDP target.
iii) Promote regional integration programmes and investments
iv) To promote transparency and accountability for all public resources 

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  • Gatherings of this kind are among many ways of promoting the country's potential and showcasing investment opportunities not only in the oil and gas sector but also other sectors
    RT. Hon Gen. Moses Ali
    First Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Leader of Government Business