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28-29 September 2021


Amelia Kyambadde (MP) was born in 1955 in Guildford, Surrey, United Kingdom. She speaks fluent English and Swedish, has served in the Civil Service for over 30 years, rising to the position of Principal Private Secretary to H.E. the President.  She also served as National Treasurer of the ruling NRM Party from 2010 to early 2015, and has been a Member of Parliament for Mawokota North, Mpigi District from 2011 to date.  She was re-appointed Minister of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives in May 2015.

Hon. Amelia was Chairperson of COMESA Council of Ministers (2013/14) and Coordinator of LDC at WTO for the year 2014. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Makerere University, a Masters of Business Administration from American Intercontinental University United Kingdom. Her academic pursuits and training encompass a wide range of Business and Management areas namely: Business Administration (Makerere University), Personnel Management Programme for Executive Assistants (Swaziland), Administrative Procedures (Durham University U.K), Business Communication and Office Techniques (Gothenburg-Sweden) and the development of Middle, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

Her areas of research works include: AGOA Initiative and Promotion of Trade for Uganda - Opportunities, Challenges or External Dominations; The effects of Marketing Variables on Non-traditional Export crops; and Introduction of Information Technology into the Development of Coffee Industry in Uganda.

The Hon. Minister has been an ardent advocate for Strategic Initiatives for the development of MSMEs, promotion of value addition, especially agro-processing and development of the cooperatives movement in Uganda. Through Twezimbe Development Foundation, an NGO which she is the Founder and Patron, she has initiated socio-economic community development activities in her Constituency in the areas of health (especially maternal health and HIV/AIDS), education, and the growth of household incomes to enhance the quality of life.

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