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28-29 September 2021


Philip joined International SOS in 2009 as a Co-ordinating Doctor, within the assistance platform, based in Johannesburg.

He was later appointed Medical Director for the Medical Services department, which is responsible for managing healthcare on client’s remote projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. He, together with other members of the team, develop and commission customised  healthcare solutions for these multinational organisations, ensuring the delivery of quality healthcare services, that meet global standards, to their on-site workforce.

Philip has an in-depth understanding of the medical environment in remote areas within Sub-Saharan Africa and has developed expertise in the area of remote site healthcare needs assessment, facility set-up and management.

He began his career working in various state hospitals, where he focussed particularly on the surgical and urological disciplines.

Philip is a graduate of Water Sisulu University (formally University of Transkei) where he obtained an MBChB degree.

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