Event Location: 
Serena Kampala Hotel Uganda
Event Date: 
9-10 March 2021
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Business Matching

Meet and Greet Your Best Clients and Prospects

In addition to the invaluable insight presented in the conference programme; the Uganda International Oil & Gas Summit is all about meeting the right people for your business; partners, suppliers and customers. With government and industry leaders gathered together under one roof, this represents a significant opportunity for companies across the oil and gas value chain to have effective meetings throughout the event. 

As well as the traditional coffee breaks and luncheons; UIOGS provides a one-to-one Business Matching service for the use of all participants; ensuring an effective and profitable experience for all.

Business Matching works through an easy-to-use technology platform, combined with a personalised service to help maximise your networking opportunities.

Note: We respect your privacy. All of your personal contact information will be kept confidential. Rest assured that no contact information will be shared via the meetings platform.

How can I use Business Matching
  • Find potential clients to buy your services and products
  • Locate investment opportunities in your fields of interest
  • Forge lucrative partnerships and collaborations for business
  • Broaden your personal network to advance your career
Platform Benefits
  • Rank delegates, speakers and sponsors in accordance to their relevance to you
  • You will have your own Concierge who will provide quick and timely assistance
  • The platform is accessed with a click from your email (no downloads needed)
How does it work
  • Register for the Summit 
  • Receive an invitation email with a personalised link before the event
  • Review profiles and schedule meetings with delegates, speakers and sponsors who interest you